Co-Counselling provides an opportunity for people to support each other to get on with life in an emotionally healthy, rational and creative way. This can include developing self-confidence, becoming more comfortable with emotions and dealing effectively with issues from the past that are affecting the present.

In a Co-Counselling session people usually work in pairs taking equal time to be 'client' and 'counsellor' in turn. The approach is client-centred: the client is in charge of their session, while the counsellor takes on a support role.

Co-Counselling International (CCI) is a peer network of co-counsellors. Its main purpose is to provide opportunities for co-counsellors to contact each other and to meet up in sessions, groups and workshops. 

Interested in co-counselling?
If you've come to this site because you have an interest in co-counselling and are considering taking a training course, then you might be interested in 'Getting informed' or ‘Getting trained'. See also the ‘Imminent core training courses’. 

Already completed a CCI core training course?
If you've come to this site and have completed a
CCI core training course, recently or perhaps some years ago, then you may want to register with CoCoInfo. Then you will get access to its contact lists, postings, interest groups and events that are only available to registered co-counsellors

More local information
This can be found on the following sites:

France Cocréer/Ecoute Mutuelle en francais
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Ireland CCI-Eire | Israel DROR
Netherlands CCN in Nederlands New-Zealand  CCI-NZ

To access some of the information on this site you need to be registered with the site as a CCI Co-Counsellor. Other information, particularly about the core training courses, is publicly available, please explore.