Only people who has done a CCI Co-Counselling Fundamentals course can register for this web site. Hence you will be asked for your training details when you register.

Also you need to wait for confirmation of your registration before you can access the co-counsellors-only parts of this web site.

Click on Create account on the left top side of the web page, go to the Register tab and follow the steps.


Logging in

Click on Member Log-in on the left top side of the web page, fill in your User-name and password, and click OK..


Password or User-name forgotten?

If you know your User-name, the log-in screen provides an option for asking a new password. You will get one send to your email address.

If you forgot your User-name send me through feedback your full name and Co-Counselling teachers name and I will send you your User-name through the email address you provided with you registration.