This manual not only covers the Co-Counselling fundamentals, but also information about conflict, difficult conversations, creating your life, support and support groups. The  CornuCopiai approach of Co-Counselling is also based on principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Focusing and the Harvard Negotiation project. Its development started in the late nineties and it is still a project in progress.

Contents of CornuCopia manual


Personal notes and session plan - suggestions

Workshop theory

A. Fundamentals training

   Part 1. Co-Counseling culture

   Part 2. Co-Counselling Sessions

   Part 3. Living happily with your emotional truth

   Part 4. After the Fundamentals…

B. Conflict and difficult conversations - workshop

   Managing conflicts and difficult conversations effectively

C. Create your life

D. Techniques

   Part 1. Core techniques and procedures
              Contains also focusing, pain2power and video techniques.

  Part 2. Group techniques and procedures

E. Booklet

  Rescue Triangle

  Feedback Form Fundamentals

Many thanks
Anne Denniss, Jill Brooks, Marian van Wijngaarden, Teresa Tinklin
and all the people who offered their suggestions to me.
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