Every single Human Being
at every moment of the past,
- if the entire situation is taken into account -
has always done the very best he or she could do,
and so deserves neither blame nor reproach
from anyone including self.
in particular
is true of you
Harvey Jackins


This co-counselling manual is primarily intended as an 'aide-memoire' for those who have completed a Fundamentals skills training course. It reflects the teaching concepts and philosophy presented by Gretchen Pyves and Mike Bray on Fundamentals courses run in the North West of England since 1983. These concepts are in line with CCI (Co-counselling International) principles as formulated and advocated by John Heron, but they also reflect the particular style developed by these two co-facilitators. This manual is also intended for those who are interested in learning about co-counselling. Please note that it is not intended as an alternative to attending a Fundamentals course. The skills of co-counselling are learnt by attending a course run by an accredited Teacher of Co-counselling.

A reference section is presented at the back of this manual as a help during co-counselling sessions.


Without the co-counsellors who have attended our courses, this manual could not have developed. My sincere thanks to all who have taught me so much.

Special thanks to all who have shared their ideas and suggestions with me, for inclusion and improvement, namely Barbara Heywood, Annie Boulton and Mike Bray. Trevor Moody is the 'ideas' man for the quick reference section for co-counsellors at the back of the manual.
Thanks to Jenny Moody for typing the Manual. My grateful thanks to Valerie Alferoff who has creatively reproduced my posters and provided the cover for the manual.
I am indebted to James Kilty for his comments and directions in the finalisation of this manual.

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© 1994 Gretchen Pyves

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