We welcome you to the Dror International Workshop, October 16-20, 2009 at Beit Oren – Home of the Pine Trees. Have a look at the venue.

We have enjoyed your hospitality in several countries: Scotland, Hungary, the United States, and The Netherlands and Germany – now we wish to host you in our country.

The theme for this 5 day workshop is "Relationships" – in Hebrew "yahasim" which relates to connections between partners – partners as a couple, partners in a family, partners at work, partners in a community, partners for peace.

Come and join us for this amazing opportunity to share, to celebrate, to grow, to challenge yourself in a safe, welcoming and caring environment.

Participants at this workshop are co-counselors who have completed at least 40 hours of training in co-counseling theory and practice, which complies with John Heron’s definition of co-counseling (1996). We acknowledge that there are differences in methods and practice among the various communities (Dror and within CCI). We celebrate these differences and aim to find a common ground where we can share and grow our communities toward the “advancement of sound theory, effective practice, network development and planetary transformation.” The organizing committee aims to ensure safety by designating individuals to serve as trust persons from CCI and Dror.

The venue is situated in the Carmel Reservation Park in the mountains surrounded by pine trees with a view to the Mediterranean Sea 430 meters below. Accommodation options include camping in tents on location, simple guest-house rooms, and hotel rooms.

General Guidelines:
At the venue, nudity is not allowed nor the use of alcohol or mind-altering substances. Smoking is allowed in designated areas.
Meals offered at this workshop are vegetarian (including dairy and eggs – fish for non-vegetarians), and not kosher. If there are special dietary requests, please provide details on the registration form. No meat dishes will be offered. Children are welcome at this workshop. Unfortunately the venue does not offer discounts based on the age of the participant, therefore children are charged as adults.

Housing and transportation:
We understand that co-counselors from abroad may be interested in arriving early to/or staying on after the workshop. Dror members have been asked to offer hosting options. Please indicate your requests with the dates on the form provided.

Payment will be collected by a designated member of your community in dollars or euros. The list of designated members will be provided by September 1st. The registration fee is quoted here in Israeli shekels. The current rate is 3.8 to the dollar, 5.4 to the euro. Please take into account slight adjustments in the price due to fluctuating exchange rates.

Suggested items to bring with you: warm clothing for cool evenings, umbrellas in case of rain (we pray for this constantly), musical instruments, timers, and most important of all, positive, loving energy!

Phillo, Hava and Janice are the committee organizers, who are on hand to answer any questions you may have:
Phillo at iaacov[dot]aviramatgmail[dot]com ()

Hava at havaatcehag[dot]com ()

Janice at Janice[dot]wasseratgmail[dot]com ()

To find out more about the Dror Co-Counseling Community, please visit our web site at: http://www.dror.org.il

Dror International Workshop

Registration Form

October 16-20, 2009

Name __________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

PM Phone_______________________________________________________________

Cell Phone _____________________________________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________________________________

I plan to bring my child/children who are age(s) __________________________________

I am a [ ] Male [ ] Female

Rooming options:

* current exchange rate: $1 = 3.8 NIS, euro = 5.4 NIS (british sterling payment option available)

# single room options available at 2200 for the guest room, 1600 for the hostel room.

^ showers and toilets within 50 meters

Workshop fee of $ /euro / sterling _______

I would like to offer $ /euro / sterling ______ toward the bursary/general workshop fund.

I need $/ euro / sterling  ______ from the bursary fund in order to attend.

Fundamentals Teacher _____________________________ Year ______

I need a place to stay BEFORE the workshop [ ] Yes [ ] No

I need a place to stay AFTER the workshop [ ] Yes [ ] No

Please provide additional information about rides, housing or other needs

If you have mobility problems please describe below


If you have special dietary needs, please indicate below:


We are assigning rooms, so please check one of the options below

[ ] I don’t care who I room with; please assign me to a room.

[ ] with other men [ ] with other women [ ] gender does not matter

[ ] I would like to room with ________________________________________________________

(Please consult with these people and make sure your forms agree)

[ ] I don’t know who I’d like to room with yet, but I’ll notify you by Sept. 15, 2009.

[ ] I am a noisy sleeper

[ ] I am a light sleeper

I would like to run a workshop on ___________________________________

I would like to participate in a workshop on ____________________________

Additional information:

For any questions, clarification, requests that are not specified in this invitation regarding

registration or any other issue, please contact one of the organizers:

Phillo at <iaacov[dot]aviramatgmail[dot]com>, Hava at havaatcehag[dot]com ,

Janice at Janice[dot]wasseratgmail[dot]com

Event Dates
Friday, 16 October, 2009 - 11:55 to Tuesday, 20 October, 2009 - 11:55
Om Center
Beit Oren
Beit Oren 64366
Phone: 972-3-6091259
Contact Information

Phillo, Hava and Janice are the committee organizers, who are on hand to answer any questions you may have:
Phillo at iaacov[dot]aviramatgmail[dot]com
Hava at havaatcehag[dot]com
Janice at Janice[dot]wasseratgmail[dot]com